Industrial Sectors We Serve

IOS provides services to the following industrial sectors amongst others.

Oil & Gas ( on-shore and off-shore ).
Refineries & down stream plants.
Petrochemical and Chemical plants.
Fertilizer plants.
Power plants, Desalination ( Water ) plants, Waste water and Sewage Treatment plants.
Contracting companies providing Operation & Maintenance services to the above mentioned plants.
EPC companies.
Construction contracting companies engaged in oil & gas sector plants, Building / MEP / District Cooling / HVAC, Infrastructure projects such as highways / roads, bridges, airports and sea ports.
Other core industries such as mining & telecom, steel, cement, minerals & metals – aluminium, heavy engineering equipment fabrication / manufacturing ( pressure vessels, electrical equipment ) etc.
Marine, Sub-marine pipelines, Cross country pipelines, Off-shore platforms / FPSO, Storage terminals etc.
Engineering Consultants, projects appraisal firms.
Hospitality sectors including large Hotels, Hospitals, Catering and Project camp administrating companies, Airlines, FMCG, Health & Wellness, Malls & Super Markets and Trading companies.